Elijah St James - Tarot Reading and Gnosticism in Arnold

Get one on one with Elijah St James - Tarot Reading and Gnosticism in Arnold right now. 1 years of career in Gnosticism.

About Elijah St James's Services:

I have studied Gnosticism for twenty years.

For the last twenty years I have been offering my services as a psychic intuitive based on truth honesty and love. I never sugar coat my readings with a lot of philosophicol non sense. I divine through the tarot cards to bring you the most accurate information and answers to your questions and concerns Ibelieve that a psychic reading should provide you with a sense of direction and insight as to what is happening in your life. But I also strongly believe that a psychic reading is NOT going to change your life or bring you miracles. If you are looking for lucky numbers or bringinng back lost lover or any kind of spells I DONOT provide those kind of services.I only predict what I feel is the TRUTH always.

Experience & Qualifications

Twenty years experience as a professional psychic intuitive messenger


Twenty Years Experience

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