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Let Knowledge guide you to a better life. Learn the difference between Knowledge and Belief and how to overcome harmful beliefs that have been holding you back in life.

These are difficult times we're going through, but you don't have to go through them alone. I am a natural psychic who has been helping others all my life, and professionally for more than 30 years. I'm online here because it allows me to offer help to you and others more easily. If you are worried or confused, or merely curious about your life and current situation, let me help you with clear and concise answers to your questions and concerns regarding business and finances, relationships, past lives, soulmates, dream analysis, spirituality, love, or any life situation.

Our futures are not written in stone. Often the smallest action or most insignificant choice can make major changes to our futures. Getting a reading is like getting a trip map from a travel club for a trip you're taking. On the map you can see the "road" you're on, but you're the driver on this trip, and if it seems there are too many bumps or construction areas on this path, or there's some other path with more interesting sights along the way, or even a different destination you'd like to reach, there's nothing to prevent you from changing routes at any time. A spiritual counselor is a friendly "tourist guide" for you, and can help you find the roads you'd like to travel and the destinations you'd like to reach.

Experience & Qualifications

Spiritual sessions require an intimate connection between the querant and the counselor, and selecting a counselor, though difficult when there are so many, is a critical undertaking. You should carefully compare the information available on each counselor under consideration. There will be something that will spark a "feeling" that, yes, this is the one!

It is wise to spend some time communicating with your chosen counselor, either through chat or email, before actually hiring them to do a session with you. This pre-hire communication will let you know for sure how well the two of you will be able to work together. Time has a strengthening effect on spiritual connections, so it is beneficial to pick a few counselors that you can trust and then stick with them.

While fees are important, they should not become the primary factor in making your decision. Honest counselors are concerned counselors and generally will be willing to work with you on a fee.

Because of the economic times we are currently experiencing, I have recently lowered my rates. I also offer further reduced rates for live sessions each month from the 15th to the 20th.

Email consultations are much more detailed and focused, though not as immediate. If you feel an email session will work for you we can negotiate an appropriate fee. Follow-up questions are always free.

I do accept offerings for readings when your budget cannot accommodate my normal fees.

The following are my normal e-mail fees: $45.00 for up to 3 simple questions; $60.00 for 4 - 5 questions; $100.00 for up to 10 questions; $135 for up to 15 questions; $160 for up to 20 questions; $250 for one reading with unlimited questions.

UNLIMITED EMAIL READINGS: $400.00 for one (1) month of unlimited email readings. $1500.00 for six (6) months of unlimited email readings. $1800.00 for one (1) year of unlimited email readings.

UNLIMITED LIVE READINGS: $1000.00 for one (1) month of unlimited live readings. $2500.00 for six (6) months of unlimited live readings. $3500.00 for one (1) full year of unlimited live readings. Contact me for details if interested.

Fees are negotiable.


Natural Highly Sensitive Psychic. Instructor of Divination. Expert Tarot Reader. Empath. Clairvoyant. Wiccan High Priestess.

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