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About Psychic Answers By Sarah's Services:

Master in Gnosticism witchcraft. Want to know more about Wicca and witchcraft? Contact me now.

Master Clairvoyant with the ability to tell past, present and future in great detail and accuracy.
I use and offer many spiritual readings such as tarot card palm love readings aura and chakra readings dream analysis past life readings astrology and more.
Helping those who are confused, unhappy, depressed and lost the way. Those who need insight and direction to help make the right decisions. I can and will help those with all aspects in life by using the ability that was given to me from birth.
At a very young age I started seeing visions, completely awake and in my dreams. It was then I realized I had a special gift. A gift that I now want to share with whom ever desires to know and protect their future. To prevent any wrong decisions or mistakes that may come across their way.
As the older I became, my visions and dreams grew stronger and more of my ability started to show; healing, guidance and seeing beyond other things. Now my ability has grown to the strongest point. It has been in my family for many generations. I did not learn how to get my ability from books.
I was born naturally with my ability. However, I have studied many books to strengthen my gift. And now I am here to help you. I will give you accurate answers to your questions.
Straight forward, honest and no sugar coating. I will give you true guidance, insight and clarity in all matters of life such as love, marriage, divorce, separation, business, career, health, family and more.
I have the ability to reunite the separated and bring soul mates together. I can and will help you no matter how difficult your case may be.
Call or email now to gain insight and direction into your relationship concerns, business choices and obstacles that may come your way.

Experience & Qualifications

-Tarot Card Readings
-Palm Reading (Picture required)
-Aura Reading (picture required)
-Reg. Psychic Reading -Past Life Regression
Dream Analysis -Love Reading
Crystal Reading

If you would like a reg. live session reading please contact me at any time. Serious inquires only please.


Certified and licensed at three locations in Southern California and Northern Oregon.

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